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Mar 11, 2013

Loan Modification (Part 1)

When initiating a loan modification with your lender always keep detailed notes including the persons name, date, time, and what was said during the entire conversation.  Be sure you include in your notes the start time to end time of the conversation.

Try to get one person "CRM" (Customer Relationship Manager) that you deal with at the bank throughout your entire modification process. 

When your "CRM" tells you something, always repeat the statement back to them "word by word" to get clarity.  For example:  Mr. CRM you just said that "this process can take up to 30 days or more" is that correct?

Try providing this "CRM" with a designated time to speak with you each week.  For example: you may speak with this person every Thursday between 1:00p-4:00pm.  Do not let your "CRM" call you at anytime because you could be working and miss their call.

Gain control of your situation with "YOUR LENDER".  Don't let them control you!!

We hope this helps!!!!

More to come!!!!!!!!

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