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Horsley's Property Management is a Real Estate Investment Company located in Maryland, that provides real estate services, including but not limited to assisting homeowners with finding tenants for their vacant units, assisting individuals with finding a rental unit, professional property management services, some education along with a host of other services. We give our exclusive attention to each individual while focusing on a plan that could help solve your problem. We do not offer legal advice. Please contact a attorney. Here at Horsley’s Real Estate, LLC we work as a team to ensure we get the best possible solution.

Nov 13, 2013

Landlords/Property Managers With Rental Property In PG County, Maryland

Dear Landlords & Property Managers:

You are required to have a renter's license for ALL residental rental properties located in PG County, Maryland.  If you don't have a renter's license be sure to get it ASAP.  The renters license has to be renewed every 2 years!!  If you need more information be sure to email us & put in the subject line Renter's License...

It's better to be safe and in compliance!!

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